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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft for Android

The developers have released a test version of Minecraft for Android. The update added 20 changes, 7 changes for version match and fixed 47 bugs.

Added 20 changes

Spectator Mode:
You can breathe all over the place.
Player does not move Piston.
Observer can stay awake for a quick night pass
The player's hunger level does not change when the Spectator moves around
No sound of moving, climbing, splashing water or other sounds are made
Insomnia countdown is turned off
Only the player's head is drawn
Transparent drawing of the player's model
Shells pass through the player in the mode

Unnecessary tooltips are not shown when using a gamepad
Hell Sprouts and Fungi are placed on Mud and Mud Mangrove Roots
Changed the size, buttons, and removal of pictures from the Pen Book
Tadpoles grow into Swamp Frog in the Meadows or Stone Peaks and into Snow Frog in the Deep Dark
Added Lama Trader Spawn Egg
Added music to the app on iPhones
Added change the duration of notifications
Changed the location of the "Friendly Fire" setting
Changed the location of the Experience Bar
Added copying coordinates into chat
Experience from Spawner mobs drop only when destroyed with Pickaxe

Version Match
Implemented 7 changes for Bedrock match with Java.
Mobs make sounds when putting things into armor slots
Bonfires and Chairs can support the bottom of blocks
Weeping vines are placed at the bottom of supporting blocks
When destroying a Boat or Wagon with a Trunk, Piglins attack the player
Structural block cannot be flooded
Changed the position of creatures exiting the Nether World Portal
Fixed liquid heights

Fixed 47 bugs

Passes through water and lava
Cannot be pushed while emerging or digging
Disappears in liquid without animations or digging sounds
Always chases a target if he roars at it
Gets 100 fury for each attack on a chased target

The acoustic sensor reacts better to surrounding actions
The acoustic sensor does not react to left-handedly equipping things
Items are not duplicated if taken from Allay's stack
Allay looks for identical items around 32 blocks
When mined with Silk Touch, as many items as it has facets fall out of the Skalk vein
Sculk Catalyzer spreads through Mudblock and Mud Mangrove Roots

Sculk Shrieker
Seeks out a Guardian within 48 blocks.
Applies a darkness effect to players with threat level 3 or greater
Detects a player when he is riding something
Causes the effect even from a great distance

Leaves do not interfere with the growth of Mangrove Sprout
Mangrove wood found in Bonus Chests
Villagers are found in Mangrove Swamps, like swamp dwellers
Improved clay generation in the Mangrove Swamps
Players can jump without stopping when holding down the jump button
New touch controls allow you to descend from the Scaffolding
Improved the appearance of the touch control joystick
Items inside the Chest are saved when copying the Boat with the Chest
Mangrove leaves are collected into one pack when using Scissors
Things do not fall out of Chests when using /clone, /fill or /setblock
Reduced the sound when moving through the Frog Light

Doors do not move the player when closing
Items are stacked correctly in the left hand when filling the inventory
Sounds are made when putting on Armor through the inventory
Players can hear the sound of each other's Armors
Fixed copied creatures disappearing on reload
Fixed the disappearance of creatures when teleporting into a chunk that was not loaded prior to 1.18.30
Slugs will once again spawn in flat worlds created before 1.18
Slug spawn bugs do not affect the spawn of other mobs

Riding is not interrupted after reloading when on a chunk border
Camera angle does not change when boarding the Boat
Fixed getting damage from falling at certain levels in the Scaffolding
Fixed Water Pillars appearing below level zero when upgrading old worlds
Goat Horn drops when ramming Mangrove Wood by Goat
Items in left hand do not turn black
Barrier blocks do not display red texture on the inside
Added bluetooth mouse and keyboard support on iPhones
Fixed the name of the Lama Trader in the mob inventory
Added sound to the destruction of the Shield with an Axe or a Guardian
Fixed glitches when removing the Boat from the world
Fixed a crash when loading the Wither into the world

Technical Changes
Added 12 technical changes for addon development and testing. The llama of the trader is considered a separate mob.

Minecraft PE for Android

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