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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft PE for Android

Friends, a new beta version of Minecraft for Android has been released. In this update, there are some bugs fixed and improved Snow. A total of 14 bugs fixes, 25 gameplay changes were made. Complete list:

- Snow lets out particles when someone inside a block or jumping on it
- Players and mobs in the Snow will slowly freeze
- Effect of freezing is removed from burning players and mobs
- The freeze effect can be turned off
- Mobs may go in Snow
- Burning mobs and players are extinguished when falling in snow
- Torches, Redstone dust, item frames can't be placed on Snow
- Sand and other blocks will not break from falling on Snow
- Fixed the third-person view in the snow
- Fixed spawning mobs in snow
- Snow removed from the creative inventory
- Snow in not stopping projectiles
- Light mobs may walk on Snow
- Rabbits, silverfish and endermites do not fall through the snow
- You may choose certain blocks that mob must stay away
- Goats are staying away from Snow
- Fixed footsteps in the snow
- Fixed a bug when leather boots did not allow walking on Powder Snow
- Added unique sounds for Powder snow
- Added fog and frost to the screen if player is inside of the snow
- To carry Powder Snow you can use a bucket
- Changed textures of Powder snow
- Now you moving slower through the snow
- Removed damage from falling
- Fixed texture errors for nearby blocks

Powder Snow

Fixed bugs:

- Some sounds are fixed in Nether
- Update Music Pack in the Marketplace to update sounds
- Shulker's box do not loses its contents after interacting with the cauldron
- Changed logic for mobs dismounting rideables
- Player will not get out of a boat while in lava and water
- F11 now activates fullscreen
- If authorization fails, a detailed response of the error appears
- Bonus in treasure chests now depends on the seed.
- Fixed a bug when double chests became invisible
- When golden apples are selected they have colored text in the quick bar
- Some parameters added for / fill, / setblock and / clone commands

Minecraft PE for Android

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