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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft for Android

Released a test version of Minecraft for Android. In the update changed the Spectator Mode, made 22 normal changes and 3 for version match. Fixed 31 bugs.

Spectator Mode
Added 12 updates for Spectator Mode
Added a new type of data entry
Cannot attack
Cannot build
Cannot discard or use items
Cannot open inventory
Can't interact with the world via input
Can't interact with Chests and other vaults
Fixed slow flight when entering ground mode
Added walkthrough walls and flying
When entering mode, the player stops riding, using items, sleeping, or hovering
Double jumping does not cause a crash

Version match
Made 3 changes to match Bedrock with Java.
Changed the growth rate of Mangrove Sprouts in Minecraft
Changed the colors of Mangrove wood, bark, and debarked wood on the Map
Frog spawner does not depend on random tick rate

Made 22 changes. Important:
"Connection with controller lost" popup appears on main menu
Leash-bound Allay does not stop when picking up a distant item
Sculk Shrieker gets flooded

Creates darkness every 6 seconds
Only attacks mobs
Detects vibrations from the Sculk Shrieker's
Explores the nearest mob after sniffing
Heartbeat depends on anger on target or maximum accumulated anger
Updated the textures of the sonic shock

Acoustic sensor
The projectile does not create a vibration when hit by Wool or Carpet
Player does not create vibration when looking at a tamed mob
Detects Boat movement
Detects splashes from a Boat over a Pillar of Bubbles
Can flood
Supports blocks on the underside
Does not detect a player crouching on another Acoustic Sensor
The torch is not placed on the Bell

Added new achievements
Mangrove Roots cannot be used as fuel in the Furnace
Wagons with Chest, Dynamite, Funnel, and Boat and Chest drop off as a solid item

Fixed 31 bugs

Ancient Cities
Less likely to be flooded by water or lava
The darkness effect does not create multicolored lines around light sources
Darkness effect does not disappear suddenly
Destruction of an activated Sculk Shriker does not stop the Warden from appearing
Structural void with Sculk veins on the edges does not generate in the Ancient City
The trap in the middle of the Ancient City works again.

Acoustic Sensor
Detects the addition of Turtle Egg and Slabs on the same blocks
Activates again when there's a creature on the block
Player does not create vibration when crouching with Shield in left hand
Detects Earth, Stony Earth, and Root Earth treatments with Hoe
Detects converting Earth, Stony Earth, and Root Earth to Mud when used with Flask of Water

Mangrove Swamps
Bees pollinate Mangrove Sprouts
Mangrove boards are created from Hacked Mangrove Wood
Mangrove blocks are next to other types of wood in the creative inventory
Mangrove roots are no longer in the Wood section
Mangrove roots burn

Mud blocks
Gravity blocks break when dropped on Mud blocks
Earth's transformation into Mud creates splash sounds
Mud blocks are next to Earth in the creative inventory
Two Mud Slabs make a sound when joined into a full block

Drops experience, like from a Cow or Goat
Increased sound volume when Tadpoles take damage
Increased the sound of Tadpoles growing
Keeper is no longer angry and does not target Sphere of Experience
Endermen, Piglins, Skeletons, and Skeletal Desiccators appear at a wider range of lighting in the Nether World
Leash does not appear on top of Glass
Mobs don't get stuck in open Trapdoors
Fixed a glitch when fighting players wearing armor with the "Spikes" enchantment
Fixed glitches when playing on a split screen
Warden not jumping after digging

Technical changes
Added 7 technical changes for addon development and testing

Minecraft PE for Android

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