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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft for Android

Developers have released a test version of Minecraft for Android. The update added Allay cloning, 9 changes and fixed 20 bugs.

Allay cloning
Allay has learned how to copy himself. How to do it:
Turn on the Player to start the dance.
Mob stops dancing when the Player is turned off or away from it
Give out an Amethyst Shard during the dance
The Mob will make an Amethyst sound and hearts will appear
Then a second Allay will appear.
Cloning recharge - 2.5 minutes

Version Match
Made 3 changes to match Bedrock with Java. Important:
Goat's horn makes the right sounds
Changed the names of the Goat Horn sounds

6 changes
Improved Spectator Mode.
Killed mob activates only the nearest Sculk Catalyzer
The attainment "It spreads" does not activate when a mob that does not give experience is killed
The "Sea Power I" effect gives "Acceleration I" instead of "Acceleration II"
The chest in Boat with Chest opens without Crouch, if all seats are occupied
Improved the interaction button icon in Minecraft

Fixed 20 bugs
Allay follows player into Nether World portal
Amethyst Cluster is not destroyed when attached to the Acoustic Sensor
Fixed the display of Sculk Shrieker particles from behind
Removed unnecessary particles in Warden's animations
Frogs don't lay Frog spawn on flowing water
Mobs do not disappear when entering the Nether World Portal
Fixed Resistance effect
"Acceleration I" effect correctly speeds up block mining speed
Carved copper block and its species are placed on the top half of blocks on the first try
Pillagers and Vindicator Captains spawn aggressively when spawned by teams
Fixed the issue and use of operator permissions
Fire color on player does not change when fog starts negative
Carved pumpkin is dressed up on mobs when dispensing from the Dispenser
Parrots are poisoned when fed Cookies
Fixed infinite jumps when getting into the Boat with the jump button held down

Technical Changes
Added 7 technical changes for addon development and testing. Worlds with the "Holiday Creator Features" setting load faster.

Minecraft PE for Android

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