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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft for Android

The developers have released a test version of Minecraft for Android. Added Mangrove swamps with blocks and 25 changes. Fixed 21 bugs.

Mangrove Swamps
New biome with Mangrove trees and offshoots. Biome blocks:
Mangrove Roots
Dirty Mangrove Roots
Mangrove wood
Items from the new planks
Mangrove leaves

Crafting recipes added
Added walking and diving into the block
Mud Block
Added sounds
Added upgrade option
Sealed mud

Experimental features
Changed the Wild Update
Wild Update slider no longer needs to be turned on
Added popup messages
Added tooltips to the loading screen

Darkness effect got black fog like the Blindness effect
Decreased brightness from the Darkness Effect is changed in the settings
Fog is created near the player when you set negative values in the "fog_start" setting
Fog changes over time
Parrots imitate Warden
Improved the look of the Cooking Rack

Added sounds
Moves slower without a mission
Increased the radius of the host

Doesn't get angry at himself or inanimate mobs
New anger, death, and damage sounds
Anger is retained on vanished mobs

Acoustic sensor reacts to:
More types of vibrations
Crouching player on the block and in the water
Player falling into lava
Falling projectiles
Opening and closing Chests
Setting, lighting and extinguishing Candles
Eating or drinking players
Sound of the Goat's Horn
Movements of the Big Hardwoods
Acoustic sensor does not respond to a sneaking player's projectile
Frogs do not squawk when eating mobs
Wandering Trader makes noises when gaining or losing invisibility
The Wandering Trader can be named with a Tag

Fixed 21 bugs
Allay binds and renames even with an item in hand
Warden reacts to vibrations
Allay responds to note block sounds
Warden's right hand glows again
Badlands does not crush
Fixed touch control
Parrots on the shoulder do not always look at the player
Player doesn't take damage from falling if they have time to lie down on the Bed
Fixed little Lamas spitting
Fence and Wall do not connect to the Bell
Trident, Bow, Spyglass, Crossbow, and Shield are displayed in the Spyglass' hands or in the Fox's mouth
Fixed Spider and Wolf's limbs
Corrected the position of the hands in the Armor Rack
End Portal side textures display better
Fixed the textures of the Mycelium and End rod
Fixed Ender Crystals rays
Wandering Trader
Does not open or close Doors
Moves in random directions
Drinking sounds similar to the Java version
Fixed lightning hitting Thunderbolt
Villagers riding something do not lie down on the Bed

Technical Changes
Added 25 technical changes for addon development and testing.

Minecraft PE for Android

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