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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft for Android

Released a test version of Minecraft for Android. The update added a Spectator Mode switch, Music Record 5, 12 changes and fixed 29 bugs.

Spectator Mode
Added an experimental switch
Still in development
Mobs don't run away from players
Doesn't trigger the Stretch Sensor

Music Plate 5
Added a new music record
Is created from 9 Fragments of Record 5
Fragments rarely appear in Ancient Cities Chests

Version Equality
Made 5 changes for Bedrock equality with Java.
Updated the appearance of Mangrove Leaves
Increased the blast resistance of Sculk Catalyst and Sculk Shrieker
Fixed the Shulker Spawn
Shulkers gained immunity to fire and are properly seated in vehicles

Added 12 changes. Important:
Improved Warden's sonic attack
Correctly throws back the target
Deals 10 damage instead of 30
Reduced cooldown from 5 seconds to 2
Damage passes through armor and shield
New message appears in chat when a player dies
When a Warden dies, a Sculk Catalyst drops out
Added a new Allay's roll sound
Frogspawn gets smashed by the flowing water
Added replace entity parameter to the /loot command
Warden's anger grows with frequent use of projectiles
Reacts to arrows and other projectiles

Fixed 29 bugs
The Warden correctly reacts to all types of projectiles
Warden gets angry at all crashing mobs
Improved the sounds of the Sculk blocks
Piston doesn't push the Sculk Shocker, Acoustic Sensor, and Sculk Catalyst
Acoustic Sensor crackle animations don't appear on block tendrils
Mangroves cannot be fertilized indefinitely
Mangrove trees do not grow with blocks on top
Mangrove wood and boards do not let leaves disappear
Wood properly appears in Mangrove foliage
Mangrove Swamp blocks can catch fire
Tree seedlings can be grown with Bone Dust in a Mud Block
Mangrove tree foliage is cut with scissors
Smokestacks and Bonfires are created from all variations of Mangrove wood
Items from Allay are stacked in the existing stack
Fixed touch control buttons when moving
Sun direction is updated on RTX worlds
Trader Llamas can now breed by Hay bales and disappear after release
Fixed a crash when trading with a Villager who traded with a disconnected player
Minecraft does not crash on iOS in Villages
The "Server Selection" field is no longer centered
Fixed big-damage damage reduction with Absorption effect
Froglight is broken correctly and displayed on the map
Improved orientation of Frogs through Mud blocks
Not falling into them yet

Technical changes
Added 7 technical changes for addon development and testing.

Minecraft PE for Android

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