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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft for Android

The developers have released a test version of Minecraft for Android. The update improved Spectator Mode, added 7 changes and 24 fixes.

Spectator Mode
Improved the Spectator mode of the game. Details:
You can't use emotions.
Head and clothing on the head of the character are rendered translucent
Cloaks and animated backdrops are not shown
Moving through portals does not work

Added 7 changes to the game world. Interesting:
Bell is not set on fire or destroyed by fire
Sculk Catalysts is not covered by Sculk Veins when a mob dies on a block
Improved the operation of the /locate command on servers
Added new windows for errors and other messages in the In-game Marketplace
Improved Allay
Can fetch and retrieve items from the player on the Boat
Picks up Scaffolding
Always looks at targets, such as the player

Fixed 24 bugs
Sculk Catalysts does not create Sculk when player dies with inventory dropout setting disabled
Fixed opening and closing the secret door in the Redstone Room of the Ancient City
Fixed the disappearance of the Lava Bucket when poured on half-blocks
Server Ip addresses are saved correctly
Items with the item_lock parameter cannot be placed in Frames or Armor Racks
Items with durability are properly mined in the Creative Inventory
Fixed the visibility of snow falling on the player
Players can no longer use the X-ray vision bug
Improved gamepad functionality
Fixed Allay's dance stopping when the Jukebox stops
Allay and Bees don't get stuck in incomplete blocks
Fish don't twitch when placed in an isolated block of water
Wolves do not spawn red when entity_born and on_tame are set
Enchanted ranged weapons are properly rendered on monsters
Fixed the Witches spawn in Minecraft
Sculk Catalysts makes blooming sounds
Fixed a crash when changing a villager's profession while trading
Trade window closes when doing so
Acoustic sensor reacts to the flight of the Bee, Hen, Allay, Phantom and Ender Dragon
Improved Acoustic Sensor's signal propagation
Particles from vibrations are correctly routed to the Acoustic Sensor
Sounds of the Villager using the Blacksmith's Table are the same as the player's
Fixed the sounds of mobs attacking Amethyst
Ender Dragon does not destroy Crying Obsidian, Respawn Anchor and special blocks (Light, Border, etc.)
Acoustic sensor does not react to a stationary Boat in the water
Fixed crashes when turning on Pistons next to moving arrows

Technical Changes
Added 5 technical changes for addon development and testing.

Minecraft PE for Android

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