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Minecraft for Android

Minecraft for Android

Developers released the test version Minecraft for Android. This update introduces Ominous items and blocks, effects for mobs, and enhances the profile view.

Ominous Trials
- New type of trials appearing during exploration of Trial Rooms with the "Bad Omen" effect.
- More powerful Trial Spawners.

Ominous Potion
- Inflicts "Bad Omen" for 1 hour and 40 minutes.
- Five types, one for each effect level.
- Consumed upon drinking, stackable up to 64.
- Found in locked Vaults or dropped by Raid Captains outside of raids.

Ominous Key
- Opens Ominous Vaults, appearing after completing an Ominous Trial Spawner.

Ominous Spawner
- Enhanced enemies and increased rewards.
- Becomes ominous under certain conditions, like having "Bad Omen" effect, not recharging, and emitting blue flames.
- Spawns enemies with equipment and applies Patterns to gear.

Ominous Vault
- Emits blue flames, opened with an Ominous Key, containing more valuable rewards.
- Version error: Sometimes generated empty and unopenable.

Ominous Trials
- More challenging events, such as spawning a Raid.
- "Bad Omen" now has a new icon and sounds, not applied when killing a Raid Captain outside of raids.

Trial Omen
- Variant of "Bad Omen", lasting 15 minutes and stacking with "Bad Omen" effect.

Mob Effects
- New effects like Wind-charged, Weaver, Slimey, and Infection appear near Ominous Spawner.
- Special potions fall on mobs and players during trials, with immunity for Slimes and Sculk Sensors to their respective effects.

Experimental Features
- Breezes now reflect most projectiles and avoid lava.
- Trial Rooms generate less frequently and farther apart.
- Spawners activate only when players are nearby, with Heavy Core being waterloggable and pushable by Pistons.

New Profile View
- Achievement progress and recommendations to work on with friends.
- Updated friends screen, follower view, statistics, and more.

- Cauldrons retain Potion color when pushed by Pistons, high Grass Blocks split into Short Grass and Ferns, exploding items now stack, and all blocks drop from TNT explosions.

Error Fixes
- Keybindings on smartphones with external keyboards, interface containers not remaining open during cloning, and various crash fixes.

Technical Changes
- 57 technical changes for addon development and testing.

Minecraft for Android

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