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Minecraft PE 1.20.71 for Android [Release]

Minecraft 1.20.71 for Android

Developers have released the full version of Minecraft 1.20.71 for Android. This update introduces the Swamp Thing, Wind Charge, and the Vault block. Tamed Wolves' health will be doubled.

Wind Charge
- New ranged weapon. Details:
- Allows shooting like a Breeze
- Knocks back 10% stronger than a Breeze projectile
- Inflicts damage on direct hit
- Drops 4-6 units upon the death of a Breeze
- Stackable up to 64 units
- Reload time: 0.5 seconds when thrown
- Can be thrown from a Dispenser
- Throwing oneself results in fall damage depending on the height

Swamp Thing
- New mob. Main features:
- A new type of Skeleton
- Shoots poisonous arrows
- Health of 16 hearts (Skeletons have 20)
- Attacks every 3.5 seconds (Skeletons every 2 seconds)
- Poisonous arrows may drop upon death
- Appears in Swamps and Mangrove Swamps of Minecraft
- Can spawn from a Trial Spawner

- New block. Properties:
- Contains treasure and drop
- Opens with a Trial Key
- Generated in the Trial Chamber
- Can be opened by an unlimited number of players, but only once per player
- Unopened block emits orange particles
- Lockhole will be open or closed depending on the player
- If the player has opened the block before, the lockhole will be closed
- If the player has not opened the block before, the lockhole will be open
- Will move and show possible drop
- Random loot from a possible list with each opening
- Does not drop when broken
- Cannot be crafted
- Cannot be moved
- Explosion-proof

Version Equality
- Made 4 changes for parity between Bedrock and Java. Highlights:
- Updated the Globe pattern on Shields
- Tamed Wolves
- Take half as much damage from all sources, except Arrows and players
- Health increased to 40 units
- Previously tamed Wolves need to be fed to heal to maximum health
- Healing from feeding Wolves doubled

- Implemented 8 changes. Key points:
- Added sounds and particles when feeding mobs
- Changed item drop mechanics when mining with Fortune enchantments

Bug Fixes
- Fixed 32 errors. Main improvements:
- Enhanced fall sounds on blocks
- Transferred all from test versions

Technical Changes
- Added 56 technical changes for addon development and testing.

Minecraft PE 1.20.71 for Android [Release]

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