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Minecraft PE 1.20.60 for Android [Release]

Minecraft 1.20.60 for Android

Developers have released the full version of Minecraft 1.20.60 for Android. This update added Breeze, Armadillo, Chamber of Trials, Wolf Armour and Key of Trials.

- New mob. Characteristics:
- Appears in Trial Chambers from a Trial Spawner.
- Constantly jumps around the target.
- Shoots wind projectiles.
- Direct hits deal minor damage.
- Wind explosions created upon impact push everyone away.
- Wind explosions interact with blocks:
- Open and close Doors, Trapdoors, and Gates.
- Press Buttons.
- Move Levers.
- Ring Bells.
- Extinguish Candles.
- Wind explosions do not affect Iron Doors and Trapdoors.

Trial Spawner
- New block. Details:
- A new type of Mob Spawner.
- Spawns monsters that need to be defeated.
- Provides rewards after victory.
- Level increases depending on the number of players nearby.
- Does not decrease until recharged.
- Spawns mobs regardless of lighting.
- Mobs do not disappear after spawning.
- Recharge time: 30 minutes.
- The block cannot be obtained or crafted in survival mode.
- High durability and explosion-resistant.
- To activate in Creative Mode, apply a Spawn Egg.
- Spectators do not affect the block.

Trial Chambers
- New structure. Main features:
- Appear everywhere in the Overworld.
- Serious challenges await players.
- Made of Copper and Tuff blocks.
- Frequently found in Deepslate layers.
- Include traps, battles, and Chests.
- Chests contain auxiliary items and valuable rewards.
- Each structure will feature a Trial Spawner with 3 categories of mobs:
- Melee: Zombie, Husk, and Slime.
- Small: Spider, Cave Spider, Baby Zombie, Axolotl.
- Ranged: Stray, Skeleton.
- Trial Spawner spawns only one type of mob from each category in one structure.
- Breezes always appear.

- New mob. Characteristics:
- Neutral.
- Scales drop over time.
- Scales can be obtained by cleaning with a Brush.
- Spawns in the Savanna.
- Likes Spider Eye.
- Rolls up when threatened by running players, players on a mob or vehicle, and undead.
- Does not roll up when running or gliding.
- Does not go to food, move, or eat when rolled up.
- Unrolls if there's no threat for 3 seconds.

Armadillo Scales
- New item. Details:
- Used for crafting Wolf Armor.
- Drops from the Armadillo.
- Dispensers can be used to clean Armadillos with a Brush.

Wolf Armor
- Protection for pets. Main features:
- Provides tamed Wolves with armor.
- Only works with tamed Wolves.
- Armor is removed with Shears.
- Only the Wolf's owner can equip or remove the armor.
- Protection is similar to Diamond Horse Armor.
- Drops upon the animal's death.

Trial Key
- Added a new item. Functions:
- Emerges from the Trial Spawner.
- Currently has no functions.

Version Parity
- Made 4 changes for parity between Bedrock and Java. Highlights:
- Nether Gold Ore drops 6 Gold Nuggets or 24 with Fortune III enchantment.
- Lapis Lazuli Ore drops 9 Lapis Lazuli or 36 with Fortune III enchantment.

Changes and Bug Fixes
- Made 60 changes and bug fixes. All transferred from test versions.

Technical Changes
- Added 96 technical changes for addon development and testing.

Minecraft PE 1.20.60 for Android [Release]

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