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Minecraft PE 1.20.80 for Android [Release]

Minecraft 1.20.80 for Android

Developers have released the full version of Minecraft 1.20.80 for Android. This update includes everything from the test versions: Armadillo, Mace, Wolf Armor, new types of Wolves, and Armadillo Plates.

New mob. Properties:
Armadillo Plates drop over time
Armadillo Plates can be obtained by cleaning with a Brush
Spawns in the Savannah
Likes Spider Eye
Curls up when threatened
From running players
From players on a mob or transport
From undead
Does not curl up when running or gliding
Does not go for food, move, or eat when curled
Unrolls if there are no threats within 3 seconds

Armadillo Plate
New item. Details:
Used to craft Wolf Armor
Drops from Armadillos
Dispensers can be used to clean Armadillos with a Brush

Wolf Armor
Protection for pets. Key features:
Gives tamed Wolves armor when used
Only works with tamed Wolves
Armor is removed with Shears
Only the owner of the Wolf can equip or remove the armor
Protection is similar to Diamond Horse Armor
Drops upon animal death

New Wolf Variants
8 new variants. Details:
Type depends on the biome
Pale Wolf: Taiga (4 mobs per pack)
Forest Wolf: Forests
Ashen Wolf: Snowy Taiga
Black Wolf: Pine Taiga (2-4 mobs)
Chestnut Wolf: Spruce Taiga (2-4 mobs)
Rusty Wolf: Rare Jungles (2-4 mobs)
Spotted Wolf: Savannah Plateau (4-8 mobs)
Striped Wolf: Wooded Badlands (4-8 mobs)
Snowy Wolf: Meadows (1 mob)

New type of melee weapon. Properties:
Damage increases from falling height
Can fall on enemies and hit before landing
Player does not take fall damage
But the target receives significant damage from the weapon
Nearby enemies are knocked back
Repaired with Breeze Rod at an Anvil
Combined with Wind Charge to lift the character into the air and deliver a blow from above

Breeze Rod
New item. Features:
Drops from Breeze
Used in crafting Wind Charges and Mace

Heavy Core
New item. Main:
When combined with Breeze Rod, creates a Mace
Mined from Minecraft Vaults

Experimental Features
Added improvements. Important:
Armor decoration
Added 2 new Decorations and Patterns
Mined from Vaults
"Bolt" decoration copied by Copper Block and Waxed Copper
"Flow" decoration copied by Breeze Rod
Flag pattern
Added 2 new types: Flow and Breeze
Mined from Vaults
Clay shards
Added 3 types
Appear on Patterned Vases in Trial Chambers

Bug Fixes
Fixed 32 bugs. Mainly:
Transferred everything from the test versions

Technical Changes
Added 131 technical changes for addon development and testing.

Minecraft PE 1.20.80 for Android [Release]

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