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Minecraft for Android

Minecraft for Android

Developers have released a test version of Minecraft for Android. This update brings enhancements to the Armadillo, along with 14 changes and 14 bug fixes.

Experimental Features
- Armadillo Improvements and Other Features
- Updated textures for the mob, spawn egg, and shield.
- Reduced the upper limit of threat detection radius.
- Can now spawn in the Mesa biome.
- Flee from Spiders and Cave Spiders unless rolled up.
- Improved swimming and water particles.
- Baby armadillos catch up to parents faster.
- Rolling reduces damage.
- Rolls up when taking damage from a player or mob.
- Unrolls 20 seconds after taking damage.

Delayed Rendering
- Items are displayed in the inventory when held in hand.
- Fixed lighting issues.
- Held items cast shadows in third-person view.
- Flagpole sticks are visible when held.
- Improved color blending.
- Updated model, textures, and animations for the Breeze projectile.
- Enlarged collars on tamed Wolves.
- Updated textures for Wolf Armor.
- Changed item components.
- Items make sounds when falling on Polished Tuff.

- 14 updates implemented, notably:
- App installation location automatically switches to "External" on Android 12 and above.
- Additional folders for Minecraft in external storage.
- Separated names of Leaf blocks and Wooden Slabs by tree types.
- Grass Block renamed to "minecraft:grass_block".
- Added "has_property" filter for object selection commands.
- Items can be selected based on desired properties.
- Added falling sounds to most blocks.
- Improved "Text-to-Speech" functionality.
- Updated the error report window.

Version Parity
- 4 changes made for Bedrock and Java parity, including:
- Updated Globe pattern on Shields.
- Tamed Wolves
- Receive half damage from all sources except Arrows and players.
- Health increased to 40 units.
- Previously tamed Wolves need feeding to heal to maximum health.
- Doubled healing when feeding Wolves.

Bug Fixes
- 14 bugs fixed, including:
- Continuous placement of certain items like Fireworks or Boats is now impossible.
- Removing items from Frames or Lectern Books in Creative mode doesn’t destroy Frame or Lectern in Realms.
- Touch controls can't be adjusted during death.
- Sweet Berry Bushes slow down players.
- Fixed lighting in houses with roof windows.
- Bridges can be built over water again.
- Moving upwards during a fall resets fall damage.
- Throwing a Trident with the "Loyalty" enchantment negates fall damage.
- Deleting the last news story navigates to the previous page.
- No need to restart the game to display stories.
- Deleted text doesn't reappear in the inventory search window.

Technical Changes
- 15 technical updates added for addon development and testing.

Minecraft for Android

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