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Minecraft for Android

Minecraft for Android

The developers have released a test version of Minecraft for Android. In this update they added a new mob Armadillo, Armadillo Scale, Wolf Armor, fixed 5 bugs and made 3 changes.

A new mob. Characteristics:
- Neutral.
- Drops Armadillo Scales over time.
- Scales can be obtained by cleaning with a Brush.
- Spawns in the Savannah biome.
- Attracted to Spider Eye.
- Rolls up when sensing danger:
- From sprinting players.
- From players on mobs or vehicles.
- From undead.
- Doesn't roll up when running or soaring.
- While rolled up, it doesn’t move towards food, doesn't move, and doesn't eat.
- Unrolls if there's no threat for 3 seconds.

Armadillo Scale
A new item. Details:
- Used for crafting Wolf Armor.
- Drops from Armadillos.
- Dispensers can be used to clean Armadillos with Brushes.

Wolf Armor
Pet protection gear. Key points:
- Provides armor for tamed Wolves.
- Only works on tamed Wolves.
- Removed with Shears.
- Only the Wolf's owner can equip or remove the armor.
- Drops upon the animal's death.

Experimental Features
7 changes made to Experimental Settings. Notable:
- Copper Lanterns in Trial Chambers are always Wax-covered.
- Trial Spawners provide random drops in each battle.
- Waxed Copper Grids retain their transparency.
- Improved display of Breeze projectiles.
- Added commands for showing/hiding UI elements:
- /hud hide
- /hud reset

New features added. Highlights:
- Introduced a News Feed to share top gaming moments with friends.
- Online players in Realms are displayed on the screen.
- Added a Subscriber List showing all Realm members and subscription levels.
- To access features, first enter Minecraft, exit, then re-enter.
- Known issues:
- News Feed doesn’t update without restarting Realm features.
- Some non-subscribers appear in the Subscriber List.
- Notifications about news or comments are not displayed.
- Comments may be displayed incorrectly.
- User’s own name doesn’t appear in the Subscriber List.

3 changes have been implemented. Highlights:
- Xbox supports 4K resolution.
- Added a "Join Friend's World" button in the "Friends" tab.
- Improved navigation, design, and descriptions on the World Editing screen.
- Improvements will gradually be implemented across all devices.

Bug Fixes
5 bugs have been fixed. Key fixes:
- Resolved crashes when frequently switching between dimensions.
- Fall damage is no longer randomly applied at certain heights, during block construction, or on ledges.
- Mobs can pick up full stacks of items.

Technical Changes
27 technical modifications added for addon development and testing.

Minecraft for Android

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