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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft for Android

The developers have released a test version of Minecraft for Android. Archaeology has been added to the game, including Brushes, Suspicious Sand, and Decorated Pots. They also added the Mob "Sniffer" and the Torchflower.

New features have been added
-Decorated pot
-Pottery shards
- Hand pattern
- Skull pattern
- Prize pattern
- Archer pattern
-Suspicious sand
-Suspicious sand appears in the Desert Temple and Well

A new mob in the game world
Winner of the vote for a new mob at Minecraft Live 2022
The first official dinosaur
Cannot be tamed or bred
Passive and friendly mob

An item for archaeology with the following properties:
Used for cleaning Suspicious Sand and searching for items.

Decorated pot
A decorative item with the following properties:
Crafted from 4 types of Pottery Shards
To craft 1 Pot, you need 4 different Pottery Shards
Each Pottery Shard has one of four patterns
You can use Bricks instead of Pottery Shards to craft a Pot, but the sides made of Bricks will not have any patterns
Breaking the block with your hand will drop the block itself
Breaking the block with a tool will drop Pottery Shards

Suspicious sand
A block for the desert with the following properties:
Appears in the Desert Temple and Well
Difficult to detect
Easy to break
Can be brushed with a Brush to reveal archaeological finds

A new plant with the following features:
Grown on a Garden Bed
Used for breeding Scent Hounds
Can be used to obtain Dye.

Four changes have been made with the following information:

The animation for item replacement now appears when replacing items with the same durability.
Fixed the screen flickering during loading in Virtual Reality mode.
Villagers now emit angry particles when taking damage outside of a Village.
Foals can now have greater speed, jump, and health than their parents.

Version parity
Two changes have been made to achieve parity between Java and Bedrock. Interesting details include:

Hoppers can now accept items even after being unpowered by Redstone.
Ghast sounds now decrease in volume as they move away from the player.
Developers made changes to achieve parity with Java.
Six bugs have been fixed with the following details:

Fixed 6 bugs
Fixed the attachment of leads to Allay's.
Button and Lever sounds can now be changed with the Blocks slider.
Crossbows are no longer held in a charged state after firing.
Horses can no longer be pushed through fences with carpets on top.
Fixed the world edit screen.
Various bugs and errors have been fixed.

Technical changes
6 technical changes have been added for add-on development and testing.

Minecraft PE for Android

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