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Minecraft PE for Android [Release]

Minecraft PE for Android

The developers have released the full version of Minecraft for Android. This update adds Camel, Sniffer, Archeology, and other features from the test versions.

New Features:
Transferred all elements from the beta versions. Important features include:
- Archaeology
- Brush
- Suspicious sand and gravel
- Path ruins
- Decorative pots
- Clay shards
- Cherry Grove biome
- Bamboo timber
- Hanging signs
- Sniffer mob
- Sniffer egg
- Torchflower
- Armor patterns
- Camel
- Carved bookshelf
- Shields with flags
- New music
- Calibrated acoustic sensor and phases
- Resonant vibrations
- Piglin head
- Sounds from mob heads
- New achievements

From the test parts as well. Main changes:
- Blacksmith's table
- Slot for templates has been added
- Can be upgraded to Netherite for crafting Netherite equipment
- Netherite equipment
- Now crafted only in the Netherite blacksmith's table
- Changes in the Realms interface
- Updated main menu background
- iOS now requests access to the local network to search for local network games

Bug Fixes:
Most updates were already in the beta. Listed new ones:
- Improved world loading time
- Fixed vibration creation from player actions

Technical Changes:
- Added 78 technical changes for addon development and testing.

Version Bugs:
Boats installed before this update may work incorrectly. To fix this, you need to break the transport and put it again. Also, sitting mobs may get out of the boats.

Minecraft PE for Android [Release]

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