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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft PE for Android

The developers have released a test version of Minecraft for Android. In the update, they added Shield Customization, 32 changes, 5 version equality changes, and 21 fixes.

Shield Patterns
New feature from Java
You can combine Banners with Shields to give them a new look
The banner is consumed in the process
Works only on Shields without patterns

Experimental Features
Made changes to capabilities. Details:
Potions and Arrows with effects have different shades to distinguish them from one another
Miner's Clay Shards drop when clearing Suspicious Sand in Desert Temples
Fixed Clay Shard textures
-Enchants with effects "Mending," "Unbreaking," and "Curse of Vanishing"
-Displays a tooltip when hovering over Suspicious blocks on touch devices
-Clearing unsuspecting blocks emits regular sounds
-Loses durability when clearing, but not when breaking
-Fixed clicks when clearing
Bamboo planks can now burn
Suspicious blocks don't drop when falling onto certain blocks
No invisible Tall Grass generates in Cherry Grove
Dandelions don't appear in Cherry Grove
Hanging sign
-Reduced maximum letter count
-Increased font size
-Fixed Arrow collision
-Can be placed on a larger number of blocks
-Changed placement methods on certain blocks
-Increased sound volume
-Warped, Crimson, and Bamboo variants have corresponding sounds
-Changed backside interfaces
Fixed display of patterned Armor in hand and inventory
Fixed Camel function display
Mobs correctly sit in Bamboo rafts

-Mob and Torch Flower work without experimental slider in settings
-Added egg
-When breeding two mobs, an egg appears
-On moss block, the egg hatches into a baby in 10 minutes, and on other blocks - 20 minutes
-Can find Pitcher Plant seeds - a new flower
-Pitcher Plant grows in five stages
Interaction sounds with Acoustic Sensor are regulated by the player's sound slider

Version Equality
Changed block placement
Cobblestone Slabs are used in the entrance of Woodland Mansions
Iron Bars and Glass Panes connect with Pistons
Dead Bush can be placed on Grass and Moss
Changed color of black Terracotta blocks on the Map

Bug Fixes
Torch Flower
-Changed placed blocks
-Seeds are used in the Composter
-Used for breeding and attracting Bees
-Bees pollinate the flower
-When harvesting a grown flower, the flower itself appears instead of seeds
-Suspicious Stew can be crafted with Torch Flower
-Chickens and Parrots eat the flower
-Seeds are used for taming Parrots or breeding Chickens
Pistons don't become invisible
In water, players don't take fall damage
Characters don't fall through when jumping on Farmland or Dirt
Fixed block placement with Sneaking
Armor Stand pose changes mid-flight
Weighted Pressure Plates change signal when placing multiple items
Changed front side of Wood in Woodland Mansions
Fixed hitbox after death
Rented servers are displayed in the list
Cape animations work while moving
Sugar Cane doesn't generate air pockets in water
Fixed water glow with RTX
Fixed Elytra display
Ghast shoots fireballs from its mouth
Fixed UI errors

Technical Changes
Added 20 technical changes for addon development and testing.

Minecraft PE for Android

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