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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft PE for Android

Developers have released the beta version of Minecraft on Android. They added music to biomes, a new Music Disc, phases for the Acoustic Sensor, and 14 changes.

Added a new Disc from Suspicious Blocks in Trail Ruins and new music for the following biomes:
Cherry Grove
Flower Forest

Acoustic Sensor
Added phases. Properties:
Three phases: active, inactive, and recharge
-Default phase
-Operates until vibrations are received
-During this phase, the block awaits a vibration or signal
-Operates upon receiving a vibration
-Operates for 30 ticks for Acoustic Sensor
-Operates for 10 ticks for Calibrated Acoustic Sensor
-Block stops receiving vibrations and sends a signal
-Operates after the active phase is completed
-10 ticks
-Whiskers wiggle, but no signal or light is produced
-After this, the inactive phase will follow

Sniffer's Egg appears in Warm Ocean Ruins in Suspicious Sands
Changed the structure of Trail Ruins
Added more structure variations
Sand does not generate inside structures
Changed the amount of Suspicious Blocks, Dirt, and Gravel in structures
Changed the drop from Suspicious Gravel in structures
Renamed Clay Shards
-Attracted by Torch Flower seeds
-Does not search for seeds in water
-Moves more smoothly
-Egg emits particles only on Moss
Added popup text and hints for the new update
Coordinates are displayed on the death screen when enabled in settings
Updated the Camel dismount button

Bug Fixes
Desert plants and Bamboo can be placed on Suspicious Blocks and Moss
Trail Ruins generate as closed structures
Fixed the drop from Suspicious Gravel in Trail Ruins
Brown Mooshrooms eat Torch Flower
Plants do not generate as dark
Pitcher yields two Dyes
Particles appear during Sniffer's digs
Flight is not disabled under stairs
Bees do not emit player-like eating sounds
Fixed armor template icons

Known Issue
Unfortunately, there is an issue in this version: it is not possible to connect to local worlds created on Windows or Xbox.

Technical Changes
Added 21 technical changes for add-on development and testing.

Minecraft PE for Android

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