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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft PE for Android

The developers have released a test version of Minecraft on Android. In this update, the developers have fixed 7 bugs, 2 relate to Experimental Features.

Experimental Features.
Added 2 fixes. Read more:
Fixed removal of parts of flat worlds with Caves and Cliffs activated
Flat worlds will now update correctly when switching from the "Caves and Cliffs" feature

Fixed bugs.
Fixed 5 bugs. Important:
Fixed a bug with the player spawning on the surface due to a Light Block
If you take a Tropical fish in a bucket and release it, it will not lose color
Hatchlings are once again displayed in the Minecraft Recipe Book
Lilies can again be placed on water deeper than 1 block
Mobs will no longer endlessly jump on incomplete blocks, such as on the Snow Layer

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