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Download Minecraft PE 1.2.10 apk free

Download Minecraft PE 1.2.10 APK FREE
Minecraft PE 1.2.10 – one of the most popular games, where players can do absolutely everything! Your character has a possibility to create different structures, try himself in building and architecture, hunting for animals and dangerous monsters, farm plants in personal garden, fight with aggressive creatures and so on. In this app you can make a trip to a game world, destruct some parts of it and add new buildings and landscapes – that’s amazing!

Mountains and cave lets you mine various minerals as gold, iron, diamonds, lapis, diamonds, find secret chests with treasures – expensive items, tools, food and ingots!

Now you can download Minecraft PE for free! Click to link at the bottom of this page. Here we will describe main features of new version. Let’s get it started!

How to play MCPE?

First of all you’ll find yourself in game world with exciting cube textures. Here players have possibility to gather different kind of materials, craft instruments, weapons, armor, potions and a bunch of useful items. Angry beasts will attack you, when the sun shines, and at night dangerous monsters as zombies and skeletons are waiting for you!

To protect yourself from aggressive creatures you should craft weapon and armor, and of course build a house or fortress, as you prefer. There is also two additional dimension – Nether World and End. You may use two types of  portals to visit this worlds. So let’s check what’s new in

Minecraft PE 1.2.10!

Main Features

1.World generation in random mode
2.Build any type and kind of structures
3.A lot of blocks and items
4.Multiplayer mode, that allows inviting friends and playing together
5.You can save own created worlds for multiplayer in the phone memory

Special Features

1.Creative mode has New Inventory set
2.Created a New Interface for your workbench
3.Additional textures and Add-ons can be checked for free before buying. Try any texture pack, play with it some time, and only than decide to buy it, if you like that skin or textures.
4.You can choose a few options while creating a new game world. Set certain size of biome, mountain heights, so on. For creating a flat world, players can set up every parameter they want.
5.It’s possible to see the correct coordinates or the point, where you’re standing on. Maybe you can remember such function in Java Edition.
You can try out new version Minecraft PE 1.2.10 for free right now – just press the link bellow! Have a good game!


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Download Minecraft PE 1.2.10 apk free

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