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Download Minecraft PE 1.3 apk free

Download Minecraft PE 1.3 apk free
 Hi, guys! Today we’re gonna make an interesting review of Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.3, showcase the main features of new version and give you a link, that lets download MCPE 1.3 for free right now!

Today there’s no a lot of exact information about this update. We also don’t know the title of new Minecraft release. But at the same time we had made a list by virtue of  the developer’s blogs in Twitter and our own guess-work! So, let’s check it out!

Minecraft PE 1.3 release date

Approximate release date was called as November 2017, but as you can see Mojang decided not to make a release MCPE 1.3 during MineCon 2017. Likely new version might appear in spring – in March or April. However we don’t know the accurate release date today. What features players are waiting for in

Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.3 Update?

Expected features in 1.3 Version

DirectX 12

First of all, one of the main features is the maintaining on DirectX 12. In this case the capacity of your app will be much better.

Accelerating graphics

Before Minecraft PE 1.2 release one of Mojang developers Tommaso Checchi shared a message in his Twitter. Developer announced such novelty as Plutonium Mode – it’s a new system for game graphics mode that allows make an increasing of frames frequency, even if you play on old smartphone or tablet


Super Duper Graphics Pack in 4K resolution

According to message from E3 2017, we know about significant graphics update after Minecraft 1.2 release, that you can download now for free. Perhaps very soon we will see a new 4K graphics mode in Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.3 version!


New achievements system

In this update we’re waiting for new achievements system that will be fully redesigned and improved. So, that’s very cool, because Daniel Wustenhoff reported about it in Twitter.

Besides in version 1.3 we’ll see some new items and creatures, new graphics in MCPE game universe and GUI, menu and so on, new skin packs and other cool features! Soon we are gonna add a lot of new information to this page, about update 1.3 that you all are waiting for!

At this time we know just about a few new features and systems in Minecraft PE 1.3, and we recommend you check this article from time to time – because here will be appeared the new information about MCPE 1.3. The main idea of our web-project – you can download Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.3 for free as soon as release comes in sight. Download the app update by the link bellow. Have a nice game!

Download Minecraft PE 1.3 apk free

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