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Download Minecraft PE 2.0.0 apk free

Download Minecraft PE 2.0.0 apk free

A lot of players of PC, X-Box, PlayStation, and of course of mobile devices like Minecraft, it was released 7 years ago in 2011. The mobile version is called Minecraft Pocket Edition (by the way, to download Minecraft 2.0.0 you can below), but it was renamed in Minecraft Bedrock Edition, this version pleases all gamers already more than 5 years.

Download Minecraft PE 2.0.0 apk free

Minecraft 2.0.0 for Android - Features and Modes

Having downloaded Minecraft Bedrock Edition, you can at once notice the differences of this version from the version for other platforms:
  • There is no plot, and also other tasks (besides the System of achievements).
  • The world is made of square blocks, which in general represent packages of textures of different materials.
  • The originality, the complete uniqueness of the world due to the auto-generation of the world.
  • The game is made in the style of a sandbox with complete freedom of actions, with elements of survival.
  • You can change the world: blocks can be recycled to get a new resources (the items, and also the blocks).

In the pocket version there are two modes:

Creative - Here is nothing will interfere with you. Here you can improve your various skills, for example you can build a Castle, because the resources are not limited! You will have complete freedom of actions, you will be able to realize all your ideas!

Survival - your main task will be, not to let your character die of hunger. You will need to get various resources, respectively and food. Your status of hunger will show a special scale, which is in the upper right corner. Hearts, at the left, display the number of your vital forces. The battles with the undeads, the falling from different heights, long stay is deep under water will lead to sharp decrease in HP or death.

About Management and GUI

In the Minecraft PE 2.0.0 menu, keys of settings will be available for you and also the start key. By clicking on the button below in the right corner - it opens the settings. You can choose a name, the level of difficulty, a loudness, change graphic, select a review, change the appearance of the character, and also the basic controls of the game.

The "Game" button opens all the previously saved worlds. In order to start the game, click on the "New World" button. Then you can choose the mode for the game - Survival or Creative. In the upper right corner there are additional keys of settings, which will give you opportunity for the choice of the type of world: infinite, flat or old.

In pocket edition at the left side of your screen, there are movement buttons, there is also a squat button, and a little to the right is a jump. For getting resources, you will need to make tap on a cube. And in order to move the camera - swipe finger across your screen. The panel at the bottom of your screen, contains access to your inventory, which you can open after tapping on three points of the panel.

Minecraft PE gameplay

You will begin your game with the appearance of your character in an absolutely random place. At first, all necessary what you need, you will get exclusively barehanded. For example: in order to get a tree, you need to hit a tree a few times with your fist. In order to get the boards, you need to place the previously received tree in the menu for crafting. It is so possible to receive a stick from two cubes of tree. In order to create tools, armor, weapon, and also clothing, you will need to create furnace and workbench.

In survival, beware of hostile mobs. To be protected from them can help you, building of house, and also weapon. Here you can create your own comfortable house, extract resources, craft a new weapon and completing of achievements. In the mobile edition, the day is changing on the night, that is why you can make the lighting inside your house. Obtaining of resources, creativity, craft are the main components of the popularity of Minecraft PE. Also for the game you can download and install different mods.

Download Minecraft 2.0.0 for Android

You can in this article, at once after the release! Our editors the first, who will publish the working link for downloading here. For now recommend this article to your friends, share it in social networks and add to favorites.

For now you can download the current version of MCBE:

Download Minecraft PE 2.0.0 apk free

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