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Hardcore Mode Texture

Hardcore Mode textures

What do you need for hardcore mode in Minecraft? Of course, the presence of non-standard kind of hearts and the impossibility to revive. However, many builds still leave the possibility to revive one way or another: most of them have at least an observer mode. But with Hardcore Mode textures this won't work: no way to play again.

Don't mind that it's a resource pack, because the add-on does its job 100%. It simply removes the revive button from the death screen and replaces the health bar with a hardcore one. With such simple methods, the author not only brought hardcore mode, but also kept all the achievements and features of the game.

Death Screen
Hardcore Mode Texture

Hearts View

User in hardcore mode

To turn off natural regeneration

The game mode or difficulty level cannot be switched.

Changes in the new version
Compatible with new versions
Bug fixes

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