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Simply Modern Texture Pack

Simply Modern Texture Pack

Would you like to change the old and boring textures in your world of Minecraft so that the design of your house, namely the interior, looks more modern and interesting? If yes, then the new pack of textures is exactly what you need. This texture pack allows all the players to change and improve their existing textures of certain interior elements. In the new texture pack, you will see vanilla textures with certain changes and improvements.

Players can use all new decor elements to decorate their homes in a modern style. Please note that these textures are intended only to improve the interior of your home. In habitual survival, these textures will not be entirely appropriate.

Simply Modern (1)
Simply Modern (2)

The new texture pack changes the existing textures of such blocks as planks of oak, beacon, clear glasses, paintings, end rods, iron ingot, glowstone, Redstone lamps, sea lanterns, item frames, and bookshelf.

Simply Modern (3)
Simply Modern (4)
Simply Modern (5)

Attention: Please note that this texture pack is recommended to be used only for creative purposes, not for survival.
Below you can see some screenshots of how it will look in your Minecraft world:

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