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Realistic Vanilla (Bedrock) Texture Pack

Realistic Vanilla (Bedrock) Textures

The name of the textures Realistic Vanilla (Bedrock) speaks for itself: add more realism to Minecraft without losing the original style of the game. The changes will be almost imperceptible and small: some things will be changed in the blocks, the mobs will be changed a little bit, and many other things. A lot of these little things will greatly change the graphics of the block world.

For example, the ore blocks will have a more natural design.
Realistic Vanilla (Bedrock) Texture Pack

The glowing squid will become even more luminous.

At times it is difficult to distinguish one tool from another even with good eyesight. What to say about those who do not possess such? That's why the author changed the shapes of objects so that they can be easily distinguished.

The interface received two versions: light and dark.

Also added a lot of new sounds.


Realistic Vanilla (Bedrock) Texture Pack

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