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Musk Rose Texture Pack

Musk Rose Shaders

Musk Rose shaders create an ultra-realistic view of water, as well as filling the graphics of Minecraft with deep detail and smooth transitions. The main changes will affect the lighting: the moon, the sun and other objects will emit light smoothly, which will gently spill over the environment. In addition, you are waiting for a lot of improvements, which you can find out only after installing the add-on to your game.

Beautiful sky with a dispersing atmosphere
Improved cubic clouds
Reflected normals for waves and blocks
Reflections on water and metal blocks
Bright natural light and from torches
Waves on Water
Musk Rose Texture Pack

Changes in new version
Non-blocky volumetric clouds with ray marched self-casting shadows
A configuration item “CLOUD_TYPE”
Waves for leaves and plants
More realistic colouring for metallic blocks with a (sort of) PBR

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