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Eatable Swords Add-on 1.16+

Eatable Swords Add-on 1.16+

A new funny addon that adds new funny swords to your Minecraft world. New swords will be much more interesting than old and boring ones. In addition, they will be very delicious. Yes, it’s appetizing, because the player can eat any sword, after which the players can get some additional effects. They have the same properties as potions. In general, 15 new swords will be added to the game, and which ones you can see already in the game. Some of the new swords we will show you below.

Screenshot with all new swords:

Eatable Swords Add-on 1.16+

Recipes for crafting new edible swords:

1. Chicken:

2. Melon:

3. Sugar:

4. Steak:

5. Potato:

6. Pork:

7. Diamond:

8. Fish:

Other craft recipes you can see in addition to this addon.

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