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Pro Starter Pack Add-on

Pro Starter Pack Add-on 

Hi, guys! If you play Minecraft PE, so you know that the starting chest gives very few items that do not give a really good start. To change the inventory of the chest, you can use the Pro Starter Pack mod. With it, the starter chest will always be full of various useful items that will facilitate the beginning of survival in Minecraft PE. The inventory will change every time a new world is generated when Pro Starter Pack Add-on is already installed!

How does it work?

Everything will work the same as usual. When creating a new world of Minecraft Pocket Edition, a starter chest will appear, but thanks to fashion, it will contain a lot of useful items that are very difficult to obtain.


Items that you can get


  • Diamond and diamond products: pickaxe, sword, ax, normal and horse armor
  • Ax of iron
  • Both kinds of apples
  • Explosive Regeneration Potion
  • Bucket, bucket with lava
  • Pearl of the Ender
  • Compass
  • Tag
  • Potion of experience
  • Star of the Edge
  • Totem
  • Gold bar
  • Saddle
  • Map
  • Trident
  • Bed


Main subjects

  • Oak
  • Bone
  • Torch
  • Coal



Pro Starter Pack Add-on

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