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Ambience Pack (1.9/1.8 Only)

Ambience Pack (1.9/1.8 Only)

This addon adds new sounds into the biomes where you can meet the forests and to the Nether biome. It makes this game more live, and it takes the biggest part of biomes, except for tundra! In forests, the player can hear the sounds of birds, for the Nether biome, was added creepy sounds in order to add a scary atmosphere into the game.

How it works?

From the beginning, the player will get two different spawn eggs, one will sound for the forests and another one for the Nether biome. In general, it is very easy, the thing which makes sounds is some invisible creatures, they are spawning naturally and after that, make the sound in the areas which was mentioned before.

Here you can see the video of how it looks like.
Ambience Pack (1.9/1.8 Only)

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