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Kuma's Hedgehog Add-on 1.20

Kuma's Hedgehog Add-on

Hedgehogs are small animals that live in savannas and forests. Now they will also appear in the vast expanses of Minecraft with the Kuma's Hedgehog mod. Add these cute creatures to your world, which you can tame and breed. In total, 10 variations of Hedgehogs will appear, spawning with different probabilities.

To tame them, use a Potato.

High spawn rate:
Wild Hedgehog
Kuma's Hedgehog Add-on 1.20

Medium spawn rate:
Brown Hedgehog

Low spawn rate:
Spotted Hedgehog

Very low spawn rate:
Creepy variant is aggressive
Sonic Hedgehog

Changes in the new version
Updated behaviour
Added furniture
Added textures
Changed spawning rules

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