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Total Carnage Add-on 1.19+

Total Carnage Add-on

One of the biggest mods for Minecraft is Total Carnage. The addition is a compilation of more than 100 mobs with unique characteristics and behavior, items, decorations, structures and even new biomes.

The main thing to remember is that all the mobs will fight each other, because it's a total carnage! Next, let's introduce the bosses of the add-on.

Vained Time
Applies slowdown, weakness, fatigue miner different levels
Permanently imposes slow and miner fatigue on a nearby
Immune to fire, lava, desiccation, magic, fall, and suffocation
Total Carnage Add-on 1.19+

Almost no ability cooldown
Immune to drowning, magic, withering, blast, fire, freeze, and suffocation
Contact with water within 20 blocks of the boss will instantly kill anyone

Goblin Champion
All attacks destroy space

Mother Moth
Long range and close range attacks
Takes high damage from lava and fire
Summons minions

Immune to Fire
Vulnerable to indoors
Destroys Space

Causes fatal hunger
Immune to everything
Attacks impose starvation for 40 seconds.

Immunity to suffocation
Knocks out all attacks.

Immunity to fire, suffocation, projectiles, and falling
Passive resistance to water and rain
Takes damage in the Nether
Passive damage around

Immune to fire and bounce
Takes more damage from explosions
Takes more damage from picks

Fallen Summoner
3 phases with 3 different minions
Immune to Lightning

Discarded Sword
2 phases: Can summon lightning in 2nd.

Obsidian Disaster
Heals from fire
Contact with lava will improve monster

2 phases: standing in the first, starting to move in the second
First you need to destroy the healing mobs around

Polar Tyrant

3 phases: each phase is stronger than the previous one
In phase 1 applies nausea and poison, in phase 2 - nausea, poison, weakness and miner fatigue, in phase 3 - nausea, deadly poison, weakness, miner fatigue and slowing
In the final stage destroys everything

Torrid Xeromancer
Spawns healers before the battle.
Passively creates sandstorm for 60 seconds and applies a slowdown

Torch Giant
Powerful water and rain damage.
Consistently gains resistance and regeneration when below 50% health
Takes high damage from Axes
Immune to Fire

Grand Hammer
Consistent damage reduction based on health

Fossil Titan
Low cooldown between attacks
Takes great damage from picks
Immune to suffocation

Has more health and damage with each level.
Grows in level after death
Passive immunity to everything when eaten or shouted at
Destroys Everything

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