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Rustic Decorations Add-on 1.20+

Rustic Decorations Add-on

Minecraft Pocket Edition is a game set in a medieval universe, not the future. Thus, the Rustic Decorations mod brings in appropriate furniture for your building needs, rather than firearms or other modern items. All the decorations are designed in a rustic style to match the blocky universe of Minecraft.

Below are the crafting recipes for all types of furniture available in the game. Use these to give your buildings a unique and atmospheric design.

- Cabinet
Rustic Decorations Add-on 1.20+

- Pot

- Lanterns

- Candles

- Chains

- Chandelier

- Gargoyle

- Painted Planks

- Clay Wall

- Slate

- Andesite

- Diorite

- Granite

- Stones

- Sandstone

- Red Sandstone

- Wooden Tables

- Log Tables

- Polished Tables

- Barrel

- Wooden Lamp

- Wooden Chairs

- Log Chairs

- Iron Cross

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