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Fantasticraft Add-on 1.19

Fantasticraft Add-on

Fantasticraft adds a little bit of everything to Minecraft PE: 6 kinds of armor, 7 types of weapons, 2 magical ores and 3 new mobs. In the future, the addition will be updated, but for now we have as many as 42 items available. If you like large-scale builds, this one promises to be one very soon.

Gauntlet Leather Armor: 11 protections
Gold Scaled Armor: 8 protection
Iron Smeal Armor: 13 defense
Diamond Scaled Armor: 17 Shield
Netherite Scale Armor: 17 defense and 4 recoil
Coronite Armor: 20 Shield, 4 Shock and Fire Defense

Fantasticraft Add-on 1.19

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