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The Aether Trident Addon

The Aether Trident Addon

This mod gives you a new rare and really godness item! Player become one of the most dangerous and powerfull objects in MCPE world. Item adds new useful abilities, such as increasing speed and increasing amount of health. It makes you godlike, because nobody will be able to defeat you while you have it. Do not lose item, because if you do, your power will gone.

Description of gaming process:

There are 2 styles of packs: each of them separately influence on you. When you will use this item, note that you will have different set of power and skills.

Hold it, in order to get powerful abilities of aether trident.

Updated style of trident:

  • Night vision
  • Jump boost-(nine)
  • Resistance- (three)
  • Regeneration-(three)
  • Speed- (three)
  • Previous style of trident:
  • No damage from falling
  • Movement speed increased in 2 times
  • Without gravity
  • Can support all languages
  • Double health

The Aether Trident Addon

Last Minecraft PE FULL version 1.16.40
Last Minecraft PE BETA version
The Aether Trident Addon

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