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Azure Culture S1: Flavourful Fishing Add-on 1.18/1.17+

Azure Culture S1: Flavourful Fishing Add-on

Unfortunately, fishing in Minecraft is underdeveloped. Players can catch some rare things, but it will take a lot of time, and the things caught are not worth it. As a rule, only those who don't want to kill cows or pigs for food go fishing. With the mod Azure Culture S1: Flavourful Fishing everything will be different. Now fishing will become much more useful and interesting: you will be able to catch not only fish, but also valuable things.

All kinds of new fish
Azure Culture S1: Flavourful Fishing Add-on 1.18/1.17+

Fish Functions
All fish can be eaten, and from some you can get things:
For example, you can get a ball of slime from a jellyfish or make a poisonous potion
Fish can be used to heal or tame ocelots and cats
Fish can be cooked in ovens, fires, and other blocks

Fish Fillet
Replenishes 1.5 hunger units
Seems to appear when slicing fish.
The number of pieces depends on the weight of the fish:
Small fish: 1-2 pieces
Medium fish: 3 to 6 pieces
Large fish: 7-14 pieces
Massive fish: Whale only

Frog legs
Don't look like much, but pretty tasty when cooked
Supplements 1.5 units of hunger

Algae and seaweed
Supplements 1.5 hunger units

Japan's most popular dish
Adds 4 points to your hunger

Turtle soup

Whale steak

Whale burger

Sirloin knife

Neptune's Reward
Rare booty from a fishing trip
Can be found in a lost treasure
It is not uncommon for Neptune Reward items to be broken, so you need to find the ingots and repair them

Nugget and block of neptunium

/function azc_fish - get all fish except jungle fish
/function azc_jungle_fish - get jungle fish
/function azc_foods - getting all kinds of food
/function azc_boxes - all kinds of boxes
/function azc_lockchests - safes and treasure chests
/function azc_neptuniums - all things made of neptunium
/function azc_miscellaneous - junk, treasures, and knife

Changes in the new version
New rod types
New hooks
New fish species
New teams
New sushi textures
New food
New recipes for crafting
Fixed bugs

Azure Culture S1: Flavourful Fishing Add-on 1.18/1.17+

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