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Scythes: New Minecraft Tool Type Add-on 1.17+

Scythes: New Minecraft Tool Type Add-on

Harvesting in Minecraft often becomes a boring and tedious task: you have to pick one plant after another. And what to do if you have planted a huge area? To save time, nerves and energy, we offer the mod Scythes: New Minecraft Tool Type. The addition includes scythes: the tool allows you to gather plants without wasting time replanting.

The tool will work for every plant that can be transplanted. Even on a Nether Wart.

All crafting recipes are available in the corresponding menu.

You only need to interact with the plants to use them. Wooden scythe mines only one block, and gold can destroy several plants at once. The diamond one extracts three blocks at a time, and the gold and neserite ones extract five blocks at a time.

Remember that the scythe loses strength when used on any block. They cannot be enchanted

Scythes: New Minecraft Tool Type Add-on 1.17+

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