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Wart Add-on 1.16+

Wart Add-on 1.16+

Have you ever used a plant-like Nether Wart to make potions? Would you like to be able to use the block of this plant for something more useful? The new add-on allows players to simplify the process of getting warts, without fighting skeletons, exploring dangerous places, and so on, after which it is necessary to plant this wart and wait a few days until it matures. From now on, getting a wart will be much easier, namely using a special crafting recipe with which players can use such material as the Nether Wart block in order to get the Nether Wart. Let's take a closer look at this add-on and its features.

As mentioned earlier, players can craft nine nether warts using the wart block. Below you can see an example of a crafting recipe:

Wart Addon (1)

Players can craft a new material, namely nine warped warts using warped blocks. Crafting recipe below:

Wart Addon (2)

Also, and vice versa, players can craft warped blocks using warped warts. Crafting recipe below:

Wart Addon (3)

Another feature of this add-on is the crafting of special warts. Crafting recipes below:

Wart Addon (4)

Wart Addon (5)

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