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Mobs2021 Add-on 1.17+

Mobs2021 Add-on

If you're looking for Minecraft Live voting mobs, you don't need to search for them individually. Just install the Mobs2021 mod and add two of the three creatures at once. The build adds exactly those mobs that couldn't get enough votes - the Copper Golem and the Firefly. They gave up their place to Allay. By the way, the addition with Allay is already available.

Copper Golem.
Likes to push buttons
Catch lightning in a storm
Rusts over time

Mobs2021 Add-on 1.17+

Spawns in the swamps
Pretty hard to find
Eyes glow at night
Can be tamed by a vine
Makes a sound if he finds a small light source

Changes in the new version
Fixed firefly's hitbox
Increased firefly's spawn in swamps
Firefly drops the vine
Copper Golem drops copper
Tuned textures
Fixed sounds

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