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Spider-Man No Way Home 2 Add-on 1.17+

Spider-Man No Way Home 2 Add-on

A new Spider-Man movie is about to be released in cinemas. To prepare for this event, you need to add characters from the movie in Minecraft. To do this, you can use the Spider-Man No Way Home 2 mod. The build adds all the Spider-Men, costumes, main villains and many weapons. Don't forget to watch the movie in theaters.


Spider-Man (Tobey Maguire).
A natural web and more power than other spiders
Spider-Man No Way Home 2 Add-on 1.17+

Spider-Man (Andrew Garfield).
Beautiful costume and mechanical web dispensers

Spider-Man (Tom Holland).
Lots of costumes.

Spider-Man (Miles Morales).
From the universe where Peter Parker was killed by the Green Goblin. The young boy decided to become a superhero.

From the universe where instead of Peter Parker, a radioactive spider bit Gwen

Dr. Octopus.
A scientist created tentacles, but they took over his mind

Green Goblin.
Made himself powerful and turned into a villain.
Flying a glider
Fires explosive pumpkins

Destroys everything in his path

Drops the symbiote for the craft suit

Can craft weapons from his hands
Stronger than Venom

Uncle of Miles Morales.
Works for Kingpin as a hit man.

A scientist wanted to grow an arm, but he turned into a lizard.

Shoots electricity.

Changes his body structure when he escapes from prison, and becomes sand

Dr. Strange.
A powerful magician who helps spiders

Spider-Man's girlfriend.


Web Guns.
Shooting spider webs

Magic Shield
Drops off Doctor Strange
Gives effects

Creates lightning

Magic Glove
Fires like Doctor Strange and sometimes flies enemies into the air

Pumpkin Bomb
Blows up enemies

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