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SpiderMan: Into The CraftingVerse Add-on 1.19/1.18+

SpiderMan: Into The CraftingVerse Add-on

The SpiderMan: Into The CraftingVerse mod will open the door to the SpiderMan universe in Minecraft PE. You'll be able to try on all kinds of costumes and fight super-villains. There will also be various characters from the universe you'll be able to interact with. And lastly, you'll get access to the boss weapons.

First you have to create a costume block where you can buy costumes.
SpiderMan: Into The CraftingVerse Add-on 1.19/1.18+

Shooting spider web.
To reload, you need to put the webbing projectiles in your left hand, crouch down and use
Improved by Venom's symbiote, then the web shoots faster and becomes infinite


Crafting Recipes

Health: 660
Calls forth lightning

Health: 80
Fires orbs
Spawns drones, clones, and zombie spiders
Zombie Spiders casts blindness and nausea
Drones shoot
Mysterio clones fly, shoot, and give invisibility to the main Mysterio

Green Goblin
Health: 300
Fires explosive pumpkins
Area Damage: 14
Drops bombs and his suit

Health: 800
Damage: 8
Speed: 0.425
Spawns spikes with 25 damage
Drops the symbiote capsule

Venom from Spider-Man 3
Health: 300
Damage: 8
Speed: 0.25
Drops the symbiote capsule

Dr. Otto Octavius
Health: 150
Damage: 8 damage
Speed: 0.4
Tentacles deal 28 damage
Drops metallic tentacles

Health: 350
Damage: 16
Teleports and flies

Madame Web
Appears all over the world and sells magic items, pumpkin bombs, symbiote weapons, radioactive spider eggs, and pearls to spawn Spider-Man
To spawn Spider-Man you need a special block (crafting below), you need to interact with the pearl on this block (mobs are hostile, but drop a lot of experience)

Metal tentacles
Can be used to move around walls (use the jump button at the wall)
Deals 20 damage

Spider-Man Powers
Crafted from the radioactive spider egg
To get powers, you need to position a block and interact with it by crouching
To remove powers, you need to interact with the block


Changes in the new version
Added costumes
Fixed metal tentacles
Spider web will change color depending on the costume

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