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XP Generator Add-on 1.17+

XP Generator Add-on

The XP Generator mod adds experience generators to help you easily gain experience in Minecraft PE. Absolutely free source of experience. No more need to kill mobs, beautiful animals and cute axolotls. All you have to do is create a generator block and get precious experience.


The first level of the experience generator
Allows you to gain experience by interacting
Craft: 3 Iron, 2 Redstone, Experience Potion, and 3 Bricks of the Nether World
Requires an iron block to upgrade
XP Generator Add-on 1.17+

Second level experience generator
Allows you to gain experience by interacting or automatically
Requires an Experience Potion to upgrade

Level Three Experience Generator
Gives more experience when interacting
Can be changed to second level for automatic generation with scissors

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