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Mermaid Craft Add-on 1.17+

Mermaid Craft Add-on

Each of us at least once dreamed of becoming a mermaid. As always, what is impossible in life, becomes available on the expanses of Minecraft PE. For example, with the mod Mermaid Craft. To do this, the game will appear 11 types of crowns of mermaids in different shades. It is enough to choose the color and wear a beautiful headdress to turn into a sea nymph. At first it will seem to you that nothing has changed, but look into the water - then everything will change.

Mermaids have unique abilities - underwater vision and breathing.
Mermaid Craft Add-on 1.17+

In addition to the crown, a shark fin will also appear. Each item can be crafted in survival mode using iron ingot, shield and various dyes.

In crafting mode you can find items in the creative inventory or by using the /function command.

Mermaid on land

Mermaid under water

Mermaid tail animation will not leave you indifferent

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