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Carnivorous World Add-on 1.17/1.16+

Carnivorous World Add-on

Would you like all neutral mobs in your world to become hostile? Would you like to add more challenges to your world? If yes, then the new addon is what you need. The new addon not only changes the behavior of neutral mobs existing in the overworld but also changes their textures making them more aggressive, dangerous, and scary.

All creatures that you could previously see will now be very dangerous and very hostile towards the players. You can easily determine whether a particular creature is dangerous just by looking at it since its model and appearance clearly identify its behavior.

The new addon changes mobs such as chickens, cows, donkeys, horses, mules, mooshrooms, pigs, sheep, rabbits, squid, and turtles. All these mobs will no longer be harmless, now they will be hostile and predatory.

Below you can see screenshots of some of the mobs that will have a new appearance and behavior:

1. Mooshrooms:


2. Pigs:


3. Sheep:


4. Horses (please note that players can tame a horse by making it so that you can ride it, and they will also protect you from other hostile creatures):


5. Squids:


And many others!

Carnivorous World Add-on 1.17/1.16+

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