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Carry Animals Add-on 1.16+

Carry Animals Add-on

Have you ever faced such a problem when you need to move an animal from one place to another, but it happened that it either ignores the food you give it or runs away being tied? If this happened to you, then the new addon will definitely be useful to you. The new addon will fix the problem of moving and luring animals in the Minecraft world, which will make it easier for players to lure and carry an animal from one place to another.

Using the new addon, players no longer need to worry about the fact that it can escape somewhere at some point. Players can carry their animal from one place to another without using any bait such as wheat, vegetables, or other seeds, and does not require the use of a leash. Now all you need to do for this is just go to a certain animal, pick it up and move it.

How does it work?

Everything is very simple, for this the players need to use a new and special item for this. The new item is called Carrying Gloves. You can see the recipe for crafting such gloves below:

crafting such gloves

This is a new unique item that players need to use directly near the animal. Once applied, the player will be able to carry the selected animal. But we draw your attention to the fact that as soon as the player changes the item, he will drop the animal to the ground.
Let's now look at what types of animals players can carry in the Minecraft world.

Below you can see a list of the types of mobs that players can carry in the Minecraft world:

Carry Animals (1)

Please note that players will have access to two versions of the addon where you need to use crouch and where you do not need to use crouch.
In the first version where you need to use crouch. Players need to use sneak to approach the mob and carry it, otherwise, if you get up the mob will drop to the ground.

Second version without using crouch. Players just need to go to the mob and use gloves, but if you use sneak, the mob will drop to the ground.

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