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Sculk Ore Mod 1.16+

Sculk Ore Mod

Do you know what the new Sculk Sensor block is? If you followed the latest news from the Minecraft community, then you probably know about such a unique block as the Sculk Sensor, for those players who still missed this block and do not know its properties, this is a block that receives various sounds and emits a Redstone signal.

That is why we present you a new addon that adds the Sculk Sensor block to the Minecraft world, as well as many other items and mobs. The unique features of the new items will definitely come in handy in the Minecraft world. Let's take a closer look at all the features of the new add-on below.

Features of the addon

The first thing we will consider with you is the blocks. A new unique sculk ore that has a new way of using it. This type of ore is the rarest type of ore in the world of Minecraft and the probability of generating this ore during survival is only 0.2% of the spawn. If you want to test your luck then we recommend that you go on an adventure at coordinates y: (0-25). If you are lucky enough to find up to 64 sculk ore blocks.

Sculk Ore

The next item is new sculk food. A new sculk pie will be added to the Minecraft world. By eating this cake, players can get an additional effect that adds 15 strength, 15 resistance, and blindness. The chance of activating the effect is 95%.

Sculk Cake

But please note that for now this cake is only available in creative mode for a better experience and players cannot use it in survival mode as there will be an imbalance of power.

Now the most interesting thing is new items and weapons. The first thing we will look at is the sculk dust that is dropped from the sculk ores. Also, using this material, players can craft sculk ingots. Nine sculk dust must be used to craft one ingot.

As you already understood, the second one is sculk ingots. This item can be used by players to craft a new type of weapon, namely the Sculk Sword. The new type of ingot can be called truly epic, as it is very rare and unique.

Sculk Dust/Ingot

The next is the sword we mentioned above, the Sculk Sword. This sword can deal 12 damage to its target. To craft such a sword, players need to use sculk ingots and one stick.

the Sculk Sword

A player can kill a creature like the Ravager in just 8 hits. An excellent new weapon for those who go on dangerous journeys and wanderings around the world of Minecraft. Please note that if the player fights with other Sculk creatures, the sword will deal 2 more damage than usual.

Would you like to hold the sound in your hands? If yes, then the new item sensor will help you with this. This item can only be used by players to craft one more item, namely the Sensor Teleport. Unfortunately, this unique item cannot be used during survival, but you can get a new experience in the creative mode of the game.

Sensor Teleporter

As for the Touch Teleporter, it is an item of illusions. Visually, it looks like a block, although in reality, it is not. This item can teleport you an infinite number of times. Also, this item can be stacked into a stack of 64 pieces. This item is really useful and unique because thanks to it you can get rid of the hostile mobs that are following you. No damage is dealt with you when teleporting.

Earlier we talked about the fact that other sculk creatures will also live in the Minecraft world. In general, two new sculk creatures will be added to the game, one of which is slime and the other is a creeper. The first creature, namely the slime, is very similar to a block, but it is not, be careful. This block can use the wither skull for attacks like projectiles. During the battle, he can kill himself.

Sculk Slime

After death, new sculk blocks are dropped. And yes, please note that this is the only way to get this type of block in survival mode. As we said earlier, you can use a new type of sword, namely the Sculk Sword, in order to kill this creature faster, thereby speeding up the farm of blocks.
The next creature is Creeper. This is a new type of creeper that will also explode if you approach them.

If the Sculk Creeper dies, he will drop 2 sculk dust. Outwardly, these creatures are similar to the Warden but do not pose such a danger.

Sculk Creeper

Please note that this addon is supported only for Android devices!

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