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Wireless Redstone Add-on 1.18/1.17+

Wireless Redstone Add-on

The Wireless Redstone mod adds a transmitter that will send redstone signals over long distances.

The range is 64 blocks.

Wireless Redstone Add-on 1.18/1.17+

The transmitter can only be placed on a redstone block.

The antenna will point in the direction where the player stands.

Once the transmitter is placed, the redstone block will become dark. This indicates that the mechanism is not working yet.

If there is not enough room to place the transmitter, it will fall out.

To activate the mechanism, you must place the repeater behind the transmitter and turn it on.

After that, the signal will start transmitting.

You must place a second transmitter in front of the other transmitter to get the signal.

The redstone block will begin to light up when the signal is received.

The redstone mechanisms can now be connected to this transmitter. They will work.

The signal radius looks like a large triangle.

Signals can be received within this radius.

The signal can be received at any height from the transmitter in the radius.

How does the signal work?
If there is an obstacle, the signal is not transmitted.

Lava or water does not interfere with the transmission.

One transmitter only transmits the signal to 4 antennas.

If there are more transmitters, the next four will receive the signal.

A transmitter can transmit even if it receives a signal. To do this, simply put a repeater on.

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