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The Dark Forest Add-on 1.17+

The Dark Forest Add-on

The forests in Minecraft Bedrock are filled with life, plants, animals, and other things. But what if you add a bit of fantasy? The Dark Forest mod would make the forests fabulous and extremely dangerous. Orcs, trolls, dark elves, fairies, dark men and other mythical creatures will be lurking in the shadows of the trees. Survival will become difficult, so prepare yourself properly.

Different mobs have teamed up with each other to fight common enemies. For example, dark elves allied with fairies and dark humans, and orcs allied with cursed fairies and trolls. Minotaurs, satyrs, and vampires are not allied with anyone. This means that there will be endless battles between the forces of nature in the forests.

Bosses — are, of course, not left out by the author.

Lord of Nether.
Can burn the whole forest.
Appears in the elven fort.
Chance to spawn: 3%
The Dark Forest Add-on 1.17+

Guardian of Souls
Hardest to kill
Can teleport.
Shoots soul orbs.
Casts blindness.
2% chance of being spun

God Satyro
Huge and powerful.
Causes nausea.
3% chance to spawn

Shadow Leaf Armor

Shadow Leaf Armor

Consecrated Leaf Armor

Consecrated Armor


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