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Nether Orcs Add-on 1.16+

Nether Orcs Add-on

How much time do you spend in the Nether world? If you fight there a lot and often enough, then you will definitely like the new addon! Why? Because now, instead of boring and familiar during this time Piglins and other types of hostile mobs, new types of hostile mobs called Orcs will be added to the Nether world. New mobs allow players to discover the Nether world in a new way and gain new experience in the battle with new dangerous creatures.

New creatures, as well as Piglins, also crave gold and will do everything to achieve what they want. Among all Nether Orcs, a special type of mob will be added to the Nether world, which is stronger and more dangerous than others, namely the Brutal Orc! For the best experience, equip yourself in golden armor and set out to conquer the Nether world with new challenges and dangers. Let's take a look at the features of the new addon and the new Nether Orcs below.

Types of Nether Orcs

The first creature we will look at is a simple Nether Orc. Simple among all, but not as simple as you think. This is representative of an ancient tribe whose creatures are considered nomadic. Players can find these creatures in the nether world in some biomes, one of which is the crimson forest. They use a golden sword and crossbow for battles. Be careful and choose the right distance for each one. Below you can see how they look in the game:

Nether Orcs

The second creature is called the Brutal Orc. Yes, these are the same orcs that will be stronger than all other types of orcs. They can deal a lot of damage to their target. Any player who decides to steal their chest from the bastion runs the risk of being killed. Axes are used for battles. Very ruthless and hostile! Below you can see how they look in the game:

Orc Brutes

And the last type of Orcs is the Zombified. Previously, these were simple orcs who roamed the Nether world in search of hoglins, now they are zombified orcs. Dangerous and hostile creatures that will attack any other creature that gets in their way. Below you can see how they look in the game:

Zombified Orc

The last thing worth paying attention to is the new unique golden orc armor. Since the orcs, like the piglins, are very fond of gold, and to some extent even obsessed with it, they use it to create a unique black armor made from leather of hoglins. Wearing such armor, players can easily move around the Nether world among ordinary orcs. Below you can see what the armor looks like in the game:

Golden Orcish Armour

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