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Minicow Add-on 1.16+

Minicow Add-on

Would you like to add a cute little cow with the appearance of a pig to your Minecraft world? How is this, you ask? Everything is very simple and looks very cute. A mob will be added to your Minecraft world, namely a new little cute cow with a model of a little pig. This mob is called a mini-cow! See below what this cute creature looks like.

Like all cows, the mini cow loves to eat wheat. Also, players can use wheat not only to feed these animals but also to attract their attention, breed, and raise.

Minicow (1)

Players can ride new types of cows with ease. It's very simple, just use a saddle, interact with it, sit on it and use the aforementioned wheat.

Minicow (3)

Minicow (4)

Also, players can speed up mini cows, for this use wheat and do the following:

Minicow (2)

1. For the PC version of the Minecraft game: Right mouse button;
2. For mobile devices PE: Make a hold on the screen!

The fact that a mini cow is small does not mean that she is not able to give you milk, you can milk her just like a simple cow.

Minicow (5)

You don't need to do anything to spawn these creatures in the Minecraft world, mini cows will automatically spawn in your world around the Minecraft world.

Don't forget to activate the Experimental Game Mode!

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