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MB’s More Creepers Add-on 1.16+

MB’s More Creepers Add-on

Do you like creatures like Creepers? These are green hostile kamikaze mobs. For those who have not yet met them, these are creatures that run to the player and, as soon as they come close enough to him, begin to hiss and explode, thereby causing great damage to the player. These creatures move very quietly at night and in caves, it is worth being careful. These creatures can cause great damage to both living creatures and structures. The new add-on adds a large number of new different creepers to your Minecraft world. Let's take a look at the features of this add-on below.

Types of creepers:

As mentioned earlier, the new add-on adds new types of creepers to your Minecraft world, which will also spawn in your world. In total, six new creatures will be added to the game.

1. Little baby. Initially, these creatures will spawn in your Minecraft world as passive and neutral mobs. Players can tame and make this creature their pets, but we draw your attention to the fact that it will be extremely difficult to do this only for the reason that they rarely spawn and it will be difficult for you to find them. To tame such a creature, use gunpowder. Below you can see how they look in the game:

Little baby Creeper

2. The second creature is called Camo or in other words Camouflage. As you already understood from the name, finding these creatures will also be difficult since they have a certain camouflage color that complicates the process of finding them. They spawn in the same way as simple Creepers. Unlike ordinary Creepers, these creatures will spawn a little less often. The running speed is higher than that of ordinary creepers, but they have less health points. The explosion has the same effect as a simple creeper. Please note that these creatures take on the color and camouflage of the block they are standing on. Below you can see how they look:

Camo Creeper

3. The next type of creeper is the Nether. These Nether creatures accordingly spawn only in the Nether world. These creatures have more health points. Another feature is fire after the explosion. Upon death, these creatures can drop gunpowder and powder of blaze. Below you can see what these creatures look like in the Minecraft world:

Nether Creeper

4. The fourth type is Ender. Just like the previous ones, they spawn in the corresponding biome, namely in the End. Please note that in some cases it can spawn in the overworld, but this happens very rarely. They can move quickly due to the teleportation feature. Be careful as they run fast enough, can teleport, and have 28 health points. Below you can see what these creatures look like in the Minecraft world:

Ender Creeper

5. Fast creeper. From the name, you could already guess that these creatures are very fast and move quickly along the ground. They explode faster than the usual creepers we all know. Their appearance is always charged. They do not spawn often, so it will not be easy to find such creatures. Below you can see what these creatures look like in the Minecraft world:

Fast creeper

6. And the last one is Crig. An interesting name, but if you look closely this creature looks like a pig and like a creeper, which is why it bears such a name as Crig. Below you can see what these creatures look like in the Minecraft world:

Crig Creeper

MB’s More Creepers Add-on 1.16+

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