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Zombie Mode Add-on 1.16/1.15+

Zombie Mode Add-on

Have you ever wondered how hard life is for zombies in the Minecraft world? If not, but you are still interested, then we invite you to experience it yourself. This mod allows players to experience the life of a zombie, thereby gaining new unique experience in survival. Do you think it's easy? If so, then you are wrong. This mod allows players to explore the life of zombies from a completely different perspective.

Everyone knows the fact that during the day zombies burn in the sun, try to survive and not burn out. Your only salvation is water, blocks above your head that will give you shadow and of course night. In any other case, you risk burning out in the sun. During the new survival, you will get a lot of new exciting and at the same time dangerous experience.

Below you can see screenshots of how not to burn in the Minecraft world:

Zombie Mode Add-on (1)

Zombie Mode Add-on (2)

Zombie Mode Add-on (3)

And here's an example of what happens if you don't seek shelter from the sun:

Zombie Mode Add-on (4)

Zombie Mode Add-on 1.16/1.15+

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